Player and spectator Conduct

Off-Court Behavior and Good Sportsmanship

  • All players and spectators are to remain off the courts when matches are being played; please wait until points are finished before walking between courts and never cross through a court – always go around the outside of the court
  • You are permitted to watch matches from the seating provided parallel with the sidelines, or level with the seating. No spectators or coaches should be either by the net post or close to the court during play.
  • Do not call out to the players, talk to the players during a match, coach players on-court, disrupt points, or make line calls.
  • Players waiting for matches to be called should stay in the area allocated for their matches as their match times approach. players will only have a few minutes to get on court and to warm up once their court has become available.
  • Only water can be brought into the tennis hall.
  • In the round-robin phase of the tournament, if a tie is completed before the scheduled time, then players next on that court may use these free courts to commence warm up provided that they do not disturb any matches in the area that are not finished.
  • Please respect the other matches that are ongoing – you may cheer for your own team but please try to refrain from any behaviors that disrupt the play on court.

General Rules of Play and Etiquette on the Court

  • All players on-court must be “set” before a serve is played.
  • Follow the rules for correct serving: avoid foot faults.
  • If one side was not ready when the service was made, then a let can be played and the point replayed (provided the ball was not played).
  • If a major dispute occurs during a match which cannot be resolved by the players on-court, then the match can be halted and the players can bring the matter to the attention of the tournament organizers; in extreme conditions an impartial coach can be assigned to referee a match
  • Players may not leave the court during a match for coaching, once the first serve has been made. Coaches will be allowed to consult with their players at change of ends between games for up to one minute each time. Coaches will not be allowed on the courts for consultation.
  • Delays and interruptions to play should be avoided in all cases except health concerns. Visit the bathroom before your match. Bring your spare racquet, water bottle, towel etc. and place them beside the court for when you change ends
  • Audible and physical obscenities, along with equipment or verbal abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Line calls should be made clearly and immediately – only call the lines on your own side of the court and do not ask spectators to help make line calls. You are to call the lines on your side of the court only; if you do not see the ball hit the court, then you may consult your opponent to make the call, otherwise you must consider the ball to be “in”; give the benefit of the doubt to your opponent when making a line call – if you are unsure then call the shot “in”.
  • Balls that touch a line are considered to be “in”
  • Make it your personal duty to call out the score after every point to avoid disputes
  • Please return the game balls to the court storage box at the end of your match.
  • Have fun! Relish the challenges of playing against new opponents, representing your school, and being part of a team. If you are not enjoying yourself, then you are in the wrong place!

Starting and Finishing a Match

  • Warm up for 5 minutes only before a match
  • At the conclusion of a match, shake hands with your opponent;
  • Both players are required to record the score, the winner and sign the match score sheet that will be located with court managers.
  • All players should stay close to their courts, and should be aware of how close their next match is.
  • A 15-minute delay in starting a match once a court has become available may result in a forfeit.
  • No matches will start more than 30 minutes before the advertised time.