ApAC Tennis Rules

I. Rule Book:

I.T.F. (International Tennis Federation) (latest edition)

II. Ground Rules:

A. The tournament will be governed by ground rules which are instituted by the host school.

B. Match results sheets must be signed by all participating athletes at the conclusion of each match for result accuracy verification.

C. No official umpires or scores shall be used. Players will be responsible for their own line calls and scoring.

D. Players must agree on the score before each point is played. The score is to be announced by the server.

E. APAC tennis etiquette is that ’if in doubt then the ball is in’.

F. Where players need assistance, the Tournament Director can appoint an adult presence to assist (e.g. non-playing coaches).

G. Coaches will be able to request a Site Director or designee to call foot faults for the match where the issue has arisen. (APAC ADs will emphasis this foot fault rule with their coaches)

H. The host school, whenever possible, will arrange a pool of replacement players. These players are to be used when officially entered players fall or are injured and cannot compete.

I. Injury replacement players are a recommended option and provided for by the host school for round-robin play, but do not score points for the injured player – with the match where the replacement player is being used being an 8-0 forfeit. (That match is to be played.) Replacement players are NOT to be used in Finals/Tournament Bracket play.

J. As a result of injuries that require medical treatment, players will resume play within 15 minutes or forfeit the match. The 15 minutes starts from the time they are assessed by the designated medical staff. (Meaning not 15 minutes from the time the injury occurs.)

K. Players substituted due to injury or illness, or who default during the match may return to play on following tournament days but not on the same day in which they needed substitution.

L. Players should be ability ranked according to the following scale:

1. Singles: 1 = 1st seed, 2 = 2nd seed

2. Doubles: 1-Boys/Girls Doubles, 2-Boys/Girls Doubles, 3-Mixed Doubles

M. At the change of ends, the time will be limited to 60 seconds and without interfering with the flow of the game, except for the 1st changeover at 1-0.

N. APAC will not allow video review, in any sport, for officiating purposes.

O. That scheduled games may be moved forward at the discretion of the host tournament director for the overall good of the tournament.

P. In accordance with ITF, a player can be assed penalties for the following behavior:

· Racket and equipment abuse

· Audible or physical profanity

· Vulgar gestures

· Time violation / Delay of Game

Penalties will be assessed by tournament site directors only as:

First Offense: Warning

Second offense: Point Penalty

Third offense and each subsequent offense: Game penalty

Q. Coaches will be allowed to consult with their player during changeovers for up to one minute each time. Coaches will not be allowed on the courts for consultation.

III. APAC Traveling Squad:

Boys: 5 players (#1 singles, #2 singles, doubles, 1 for mixed doubles)

Girls: 5 players (#1 singles, #2 singles, doubles, 1 for mixed doubles)

IV. Tournament Format:

A. The tournament will be conducted in a round-robin format which will determine team champions. Round-robin placings in each category will determine which players move forward into the individual category play-off finals.

B. Format for the Round-Robin:

1. Round-robin in the following categories: #1 seed boys singles, #1 seed girls singles, #2 seed boys singles, #2 seed girls singles, boys doubles, girls doubles and mixed doubles.

2. One point per match victory is awarded to a boys’ championship and a girls’ championship trophy. In the mixed doubles, per match victory a half (1/2) point is awarded to the both the boys and girls championship trophy.

3. The end of the round-robin marks the end of the boys and girls championship trophy competition.

C. In the event of ties, the APAC Tiebreaker Procedures will be used.

D. Scoring:

i. Round-robin matches are pro-sets to 6 games with a tiebreaker at 5-5.

ii. Finals for the individual categories play-offs are pro-sets to 8 with a tiebreaker at 7-7.

iii. Finals for the doubles and mixed doubles competitions are pro-sets to 8 games with a tiebreaker at 7-7.

E. Tiebreaker Procedures

Coaches should be responsible to coach the players ahead of time about the serving sequence. During the tournament, if there are any doubts, the players should find a responsible adult to supervise the tiebreaker. Coaches should be present if possible to assist for these situations.

F. “No Advantage” scoring. (Also known as short deuce)

At 40-40 the receiver decides which court they would like to receive the serve into, except for mixed doubles where the serve must be to the same gender. In doubles and mixed doubles the chosen receiving player may not switch sides.

V. APAC Tiebreaker Procedures:

1. Head-to-head record between tied teams; sets won.

2. Game differential between tied teams.

3. Set differential in full round-robin.

4. Game differential in full round-robin.

5. Awarded a tie

APAC Tiebreaker procedure explained:

1. Head to Head

2. Each sport will have a sports specific tiebreaker procedure. When head to head results in APAC team sport tiebreaker protocol does not settle a three or more team tie, we do not go back to head to head after a point-differential (or its sports equivalent) solution has become evident. (In the event point-differential totals or its sports specific equivalent, are a tie between two schools, head to head results will decide promotion)

VI. Awards:

A. Championship Team:

Champion trophy

Gold Medals

Champion Chevron

B. Runner-up Team:

Runner-up trophy

Silver Medals

Runner-up Chevron

C. Third Place Team:

Third Place trophy

Bronze Medals

D. Individual awards

1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals based on post-team championship play-offs.

1. Boys Singles #1

2. Boys Singles #2

3. Girls Singles # 1

4. Girls Singles # 2

5. Boys Doubles

6. Girls Doubles

7. Mixed Doubles

Note: These awards are not deemed to be All-APAC awards

E. Sportsmanship Awards will be presented for both a Boys team and a Girls team.

F. There is no combined Girls and Boys Team award for the tennis results.