Special Thanks

Our Sponsors

On behalf of all the students of APAC Tennis, we would like to recognize and thank all those people and organizations who so generously donated their time and services to help make this tournament a success.

Our Host Families for their gracious hospitality in providing homes for the visiting athletes.

The Tiger Spirit Link for their support and Snack Shack provision.

The guest Chinese Artists for their entertaining Opening Ceremony Performance.

WAB’s China Studies Department for arranging the guest artists.

Ulla Tiesmaki and Irina Karimova for coordinating the Home-stay program.

Mila Harju, Julia Jalo and Christina Jing for organizing the tournament transport services.

Terry Zhang for negotiations with and set-up of the Jiu Hua Guo Ji Tennis Centre.

The WAB Communications Team – Larry Foz, Josie Yang, Kyle Bueschlen, Chris Clark and Dom Cui - who were responsible not only for an excellent booklet, but also for the many other posters, banners, T-shirts, photos, videos and website for this tournament.

The Tiger Sports Entertainment Network (TSEN) Team of Kylin Cao and the WAB students for the Tournament highlights video.

The WABX Team who are one of the reasons why WAB enjoys such a variety of amazing events.

Love Tennis coaches who acted as tournament court officials.

Brian Carr, the tournament’s Sports Technical Director.

SPECIAL THANKS to the Institute of Western Surgery for the provision of Athletics Trainer services.

SPECIAL THANKS to the Metro Park Lido Hotel for their tournament sponsorship.

SPECIAL THANKS to the Love Tennis who sponsored the tennis balls for this tournament.

And to the many other people who contributed to the success of this tournament...