Welcome Messages

WAB School Director

Dear Student Athletes and Coaches:

It is my great pleasure to welcome all the visiting student athletes and coaches to the Western Academy of Beijing. We are honored to be a part of the APAC family and excited to be hosting the APAC Super 12 Tennis Tournament. WAB also hosted the first such tournament in 2011.

For more than twenty years APAC has provided us with excellent opportunities to showcase and grow our school sports throughout the region, encouraging and challenging our students to travel, compete and excel, taking their sport to the next level and creating valuable friendships and connections on and off the court.

Thank you to the many administrators, coaches, teams and families involved in bringing this event together, and a special thank you to the WABX team, led by Mr. Martin Halpin, for their hard work in coordinating the tournament, the facilities, and the services for teams and coaches.

Finally, to the players, good luck on the courts, enjoy the games and the camaraderie, and above all play tennis you are proud of as an individual and as teams.

We wish you great success in the tournament over the next few days.

With kind regards and a warm welcome,

Dr. J Courtney Lowe


WAB High School Principal

Dear Athletes,

Welcome to China and to Western Academy of Beijing!

APAC events are special in that they bring together our schools for both competition and cooperation in a uniquely international arena. For us at WAB it is a special honor to be hosts and we wish to thank all those involved in the organization of this wonderful conference. We are so proud to be able to host APAC Tennis this year.

Congratulations to all of our Asia-Pacific athletes; being able to represent your school at APAC is a tremendous accolade, particularly at a Super APAC where you can fully test your skills against our regions top players! You come from twelve of the top schools in the world: from all over the region and from here at WAB. Your participation this week is a marvelous opportunity. Take advantage of your time with us and the memories will remain long after the final serve.

Thank you also to all the coaches for your tireless effort and long hours in preparing your team for the tournament. Without you, our students would not have made it this far.

Now let’s go!

Melanie Vrba

High School Principal

WABx: Athletics & Activities Director

Dear Players and Coaches,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to APAC Tennis 2017. APAC Tennis has a special place in the heart of WAB. Tennis was the first APAC event that WAB was to host way back in 2008. WAB then went on to host the first ever APAC Super 12 Tennis Tournament in 2011. Six years on WAB again finds itself in the fortunate position to be able to host the second APAC Super 12 Tennis Tournament.

The APAC Tennis Tournament is an opportunity not only for students to compete in a high-quality event against well-trained and well-prepared teams, but also an opportunity to mix on and off the sports field with fellow students from around the region. It is the nature of competition that everyone strives to win and that there can only be one winning player or team. It is important, therefore, to appreciate this event for the opportunity it provides to develop determination, team values, grace in defeat and true friendship through sport. In this way, everyone can benefit and everyone wins.

During the 476 matches that will take place during the course of this tournament, not only will you represent 12 schools, you will also represent 25 different countries from around the world. Your tennis rackets are an expanded outreach of sportsmanship and friendship throughout our Asia region and by extension throughout the world.

I wish all teams well and hope that all participants, on and off the court, have an enjoyable and successful time here in Beijing.

With very best wishes,

Martin Halpin

WABX: Athletics & Activities Director