Our students are at the heart of all teaching and learning at the Western Academy of Beijing. WAB teachers are internationally experienced professionals committed to educating open-minded dreamers, critical thinkers and users of knowledge. As an IB World School, our highly motivated students acquire the skills and attitudes that meet the growing demands of an international 21st century.

Dr. John D'Arcy, Deputy Director

Unlock Your Potential to Learn

IB Primary Years Programme, WAB

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Our International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum

WAB is an IB World School. Our IB students develop life-long skills, including the ability to conduct research, communicate effectively, function successfully in different contexts, manage one's health and life, and think critically and relatively. WAB's IB curriculum also fosters positive attitudes such as respect, tolerance and responsibility and provides opportunities for meaningful action and social service.

Student Support

WAB offers extensive, individualized student support services that are available to help each student reach his or her potential. Internships within WAB and comprehensive counseling are also available.

WAB's curriculum is supported by several of its own outstanding programs, including:

Student Voices

WAB’s warm and supportive community will make you feel right at home.

Welcome to WAB. While you’re at school here, you’ll meet all types of different people, so you get to see and appreciate the differences among cultures. It’s not only about nationality either. Whether you like arts, sports or community service, at WAB you are encouraged to develop yourself as an individual. I have gone to WAB since I was in Grade 3, and the IB program’s focus on developing as a learner has been very influential. Classes like humanities and math have taught me how to explore new ideas in a worldwide context and also have helped me shape how I want my future to look after graduation.

Christian Neoh, Grade 12


Maybe you have the same worries as I did when I arrived. I was a bit nervous when I first came to WAB, but other kids who were peer leaders helped me figure out right away on New Student Orientation Day. My teachers were all really supportive, too. So don’t worry! The community here is really warm and welcoming. You’re going to love it!

Margot Durfee, Grade 8
United States


We get to do so many activities in class that make learning really fun, like learning about physics by building our own boats and then racing them in the pool. And, I can just go upstairs after school to take extra Dutch classes.

Frederique Kersemakers, Grade 5
The Netherlands


At first, you might notice that our school looks different. The hallways are colorful and curvy. We do fun things to learn about fractions in math, and there is so much room to play with your friends on Tiger Field.

Soma Ito, Grade 3


You will really like playing on the playground in the ECC. And we get to draw and make sculptures in art class. It's really fun.

Kaea Paki, Kindergarten

Our Teachers

WAB teachers are internationally experienced educators. 22 nationalities are represented among our staff, 55% with 10 or more years of teaching experience and 6 years of average tenure. Our teachers all have at least a Bachelor's degree, and many hold a Master's or PhD - as well as a teaching certificate. They are highly professional, child-focused, warm, caring and supportive.

All WAB teachers are also certified for teaching the International Baccalaureate PYP/MYP/DP curriculums, and many have continued and developed their IB knowledge to now serve as trainers for others. Learn more about joining our teaching team.

Teacher Voices

Our dedicated educators love working at WAB.

I love watching the students develop as people - particularly the students who come to WAB with a few rough edges or a chip on the shoulder. The environment here is so positive and accepting that anyone and everyone somehow gets caught up in the general goodwill and comes out of their time at WAB more whole and healthy.

Brent Abrahams, Assistant High School Principal

I enjoy working at WAB because I can see in our students' eyes their love for learning.

Camille Sebban, Middle School French/Spanish Teacher

WAB represents over a quarter of my life! It's a great environment!

Andy Cole, Middle School Design Technology Teacher

WAB is a community where my children are growing up with an appreciation for their talents and individuality, where they are challenged and supported in their discovery of how the world works, and where they are inspired to make a positive difference.

Marina Frias-Gavidia, WAB Parent

Student Support

Student Support, WAB

Extensive, individualized support services are available to help each student reach his or her potential.


College counseling, WAB

Promoting personal well-being, healthy relationships and the successful balance of academic, extracurricular and community.

The Future of Learning

The Future of Learning at WAB (FLoW21) is a transformative approach to the way our students learn and teachers teach.

Language Programs

Language programs, WAB

Curriculum-integrated language courses for students during the regular WAB school day and specialized programs offered after school hours.

University Counseling

College counseling, WAB

Our graduates continue their learning at top universities around the world.

International Mindedness

Embracing open-mindedness and appreciating the diversity that makes us who we are.

11 Reasons to Come to WAB

  1. WAB students excel in academics and become life-long learners.
  2. WAB teachers are internationally experienced educators.
  3. Our campus is colorful and dynamic, designed to enhance the WAB learning experience.
  4. WAB supports an extensive extracurricular program for all students to explore their passions.
  5. WAB's warm and supportive community will make your family feel at home.
  6. WAB is an innovative community of learners.
  7. WAB exposes students to new, influential ideas.
  8. Learning extends far beyond the classroom walls.
  9. WAB engages & serves its community both locally and globally..
  10. WAB's connections extend around the world.
  11. … And you know exactly what you're paying for.