University Acceptances Highlight WAB's Commitment to Individualized Learning

Students of Western Academy of Beijing’s Class of 2019 are set to attend some of the world’s most prestigious and specialized university programs.

The list of universities to which WAB graduates have gained admission is once again impressive and one of the most internationally diverse in our school’s history.

At WAB, collaboration among students, teachers, mentors, and parents is aimed at more than just acceptance to top-ranked universities. It’s about personalized support to find the best-fit university for each individual student, which offers programs suited to each of their goals and passions.

“Yet again this year we are incredibly proud of the university and college acceptances of our graduating senior students,” said High School Principal Melanie Vrba. “Once again, our students applied to institutions all around the world, while other students have chosen to take a gap year so that they can engage in extended service opportunities, complete national service obligations, travel, and study. The wide range of choices highlights our incredibly diverse community at WAB. We wish the students of the Class of 2019 all the best in the future. Congratulations!”