Online Gallery: Explore WAB's DP Visual Arts Exhibition

Art by WAB Student MaeLi C. Click the image to view her exhibition.

WAB’s student-artists have made history.

For the first time, graduating IB DP Visual Arts students took their final exhibitions online with a virtual gallery to show off their final portfolio of work. The Class of 2020 and WAB High School Arts Department is thrilled to announce the opening of our school’s first-ever Virtual DP Visual Arts Exhibition.

“This is the first time in my teaching career that I was unable to celebrate their achievements with the community in person at a physical exhibition,” Sue said in an email. “However, as soon as we knew we would not be going back to school, we made the commitment to somehow make an exhibition happen.”

Visual Arts in the IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) is a demanding two-year course that culminates in the final DP exhibition usually held in March. Without access to their regular studio, supplies, and works-in-progress, many of the students had to find alternative ways to continue creating and exhibiting.

“As the situation progressed, the students, quite simply, just got on with it,” Sue said. “Unless you were directly involved, you cannot fully appreciate the types of challenges our students faced completing their exhibitions during a global pandemic. I have been amazed and inspired by their resilience and tenacity.”

We encourage you to take a look around the vast array of work on display from our Class of 2020’s IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition.

Special thanks to Sue Hunter for contributing this story.