Campers Inspired by Visit to WAB

A trip to WAB for 40 young students inspired them to make a difference in their local communities.

Traveling from mountain villages in China's Yongzhou region, the students and 15 teachers were selected to participate in a government-sponsored summer camp because of their academic excellence and achievements at their local schools. The Chasing Dream Summer Camp gave the children their first opportunity to travel outside of their remote villages

After touring the campus, playing basketball in the Elementary School gym, and learning about the WAB Mission to "Connect, Inspire, Challenge: Make a Difference," the students were excited to return home with an empowering message for their classmates.

"WAB really inspired me," one student said. "I know now that I can make a difference by sharing my learning experiences from this camp with my classmates back home."

A real-life example of the school's mission, WAB strives to promote cultural exchange through connections like this one with local and global communities. A special thanks go to Wang Wenjing, head of WAB's China Studies Department, and Director Courtney Lowe who welcomed the campers.

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