Collaborative Art Project Sheds Light on Crisis

An intricate piece of student artwork in the hallways of Western Academy of Beijing is shedding light on a crisis affecting people thousands of miles away.

At WAB's 2016 MADFest, an annual celebration of the arts, artist Nick Geankoplis worked with Middle School students for four weeks. On a trip to the famous Central Academy of Fine Arts, students created ceramic pieces that have been put together to build a stunning chandelier, titled "Parts of a Whole."

During the creation process, international news was filled with stories of Syrian refugees fleeing to Greece. Students used clay to represent items refugees may be carrying while running from their homes. The chandelier hanging from the vast ceiling of the HUB Sports, Arts & Technology Center represents the crowded boat floating alone in the middle of the sea.

"They learned through their own art that they can work together to bring awareness to a world issue and communicate concern for the well-being of all people," WAB Teacher Corrie Salerno said. "This is one of the most valuable lessons we can offer our students."

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