Diversity Celebration Unifies Elementary Students

A week of celebrating diversity brought unity to the students of Western Academy of Beijing's Elementary School.

In the first of three events this year focusing on global awareness, several activities were designed to help students understand and appreciate the differences among their classmates and the wider school community. A short film festival, work with a visiting artist, and discussions with WAB families all contributed to the students' experience.

"It was fantastic to see so much learning going on in the Elementary School this week connected to diversity," said Elementary teacher Karen Lindner, who helped organize the events. "Students had a deep exploration into what diversity means and how it can bring us together."

Investigations included conversations about culture, physical appearance, disabilities, religion, types of families and socio-economic status. Most importantly, every homeroom celebrated their diversity in a way that was unique and special to their immediate class community. With the help of WAB's parent association, Parent Link, each grade level hosted a shared lunch with foods of special significance to families from around the world.

For more details on the Celebration of Diversity and some background to the Global Awareness calendar of events in WAB's Elementary School this year, check out the blog.