Five WAB Students Earn World-leading Math Scores

WAB students are excelling in mathematics and earning top scores in international competitions.

Congratulations to five WAB Elementary and High School students who placed in the top 10 of the Caribou Contests, a set of international math competitions.

"We are so proud of what our students have accomplished," said WAB teacher Kerri Cowley. "WAB is a school that recognizes the importance of differentiation in learning. The students' hard work and the ability for teachers to cater to each of their individual needs allows them to reach their maximum potential."

Thousands of students from nearly 20 countries enter the Caribou Contests, which take place several times each school year. The competitions are split up by grade level, and students take the timed test online. Here are the results from WAB students who participated:

  • Aiden Zhou, Grade 4: 2nd out of 5,753 worldwide
  • Eric Li, Grade 4: Top 5% worldwide
  • Alan Yan, Grade 5: 10th out of 8,843 worldwide
  • Jongwoo Shin, Grade 9: 2nd out of 1,747 worldwide, 1st in Beijing
  • Yuta Kawai, Grade 11: 3rd out of 458 worldwide

As part of the school's commitment to serving the needs of every student, WAB teachers and faculty strive to individualize instruction so that each can reach their full potential. Further, opportunities abound for students to continue pursuing their passions outside of the classroom by joining clubs, taking extra classes and mentoring their peers.

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