Future of WAB's Duck Lake is Clean & Clear

What started as shared ideas and visions became the focus of school-wide efforts to clean up WAB's iconic and beloved Duck Lake.

Thanks go out to every member of the WAB community who invested in the lake's future in a variety if ways, as the water treatment project is officially underway. Fundraising, awareness campaigns and governmental collaboration efforts from the passionate WAB community have brought a long-time dream to fruition.

The project, set to take between one or two years, will transform the lake into a unique learning tool for WAB students.

Launched at the WAB Gala in fall 2016, the Fund for Education and the Environment of Duck Lake, or FEED, raised 1.8 million RMB through fundraising efforts and individual donations. FEED aims to ensure the sustainability of the project and protect the lake's renowned place in WAB's educational ecosystem, and will continue accepting donations to support these goals. WAB parents Lucy Liu, of Beijing's Origin Water donated state-of-the-art technology and water treatment equipment.

"Duck Lake is not only a defining piece of the WAB campus and community but an invaluable resource," said WAB Director Courtney Lowe. "We are encouraging students to continue supporting the clean-up efforts through clubs and fundraising, but also preparing them to see Duck Lake as an on-campus tool for investigations into our environment and ecology. This project also offers crucial learning for us all in social responsibility."