Grade 4 Students Advocate for Gender Equality, Global Education

Their goal was a big one: Make the world a better place.

This was the theme that framed Elsa and Samantha's work in a Grade 4 project that challenged them to take action to solve a global issue. They wanted to find a way to advocate for gender equality and make education accessible to more people in the world. That's when they found Room to Read.

Room to Read is an organization that partners with local communities and governments from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and other low-income countries to instill a love of literacy in children and to help young girls complete secondary school.

The pair of WAB students decided to make an informational video to help spread awareness about the important work Room to Read is doing, and share it with the hopes of inspiring their peers and wider community to offer support.

Please share this video, so that Elsa and Samantha's message about gender equality and access to education is heard.

To learn more about Room to Read or to offer your support, visit this link.