KG Students Donate Funds to Support Students in Need

Thanks to a group of WAB Kindergarten students, young people throughout China will have access to education they've never had before.

On Thursday, our students met with members of two non-profit education organizations to donate the money they earned from sales at their annual Market Day.

After weeks of preparation that included market research, creating advertisements, and developing products, the young entrepreneurs hosted an afternoon of shopping and snacks for our school community. Sales from the day brought in more than RMB26,000.

The students used half of the money they earned to contribute to Educating Girls of Rural China, an organization with a long history of partnering with WAB to offer scholarships for young Chinese women. The contribution helped WAB surpass its goal to donate RMB100,000 to EGRC this year.

The students decided to spend the other half of their proceeds to benefit Our Learning House, a community school that offers education to orphans in China who are living with physical disabilities. The connection was created by a group of Grade 5 students who worked with Our Learning House for their IB PYP Exhibition group. The money paid for fuel for the school's bus, electricity for the building, school rice, and bottled water.

A big thanks goes out to all of the WAB faculty and staff who helped support this fantastic event, and to the parents and friends of WAB who came to shop and contributed to the students' fundraising success.

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