Middle School Students Make a Difference for Young Survivors

In a brightly lit and colorful Elementary School art room at Western Academy of Beijing, a group of students with leukemia painted images of their hopes and dreams.

It was a celebration of Children's Day, an international holiday honoring children around the world. Members of the Middle School student-club New Sunshine at WAB connected for a day of activities with the students who attend a special school associated with their treatment center.

"Our main mission is to raise awareness about the struggles and hardships of children living with leukemia, and to improve their quality of life," Grade 7 student and group leader Catherine Zeng said. "This is simply an effort make children happy and provide them with fun and creative activities."

Together they sang songs, built crafts and created paintings about the future. The group visits the hospital once a month, and thought it would be fun to host the students at WAB for a change. The children and their families visited WAB and enjoyed a full day of activities, all of them leaving the school with smiles.

In the coming year, the student group will continue to visit the hospital on a monthly basis and raising money. But they will also start some new initiatives, including a piano concert hosted by Catherine that will help raise money.

"It was a fantastic day spending time with the families at WAB," Middle School Assistant Principal Huiman Cheng said. "We are so proud of the work our students are doing to make a difference in their communities."

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