New Middle School Meets Strict Health Standards

As part of WAB's on-going commitment to providing the best possible air quality to our students, staff and families, an independent company measured air quality in our newly renovated Middle School and found that the building is up to our rigorous campus-wide health standards.

Introducing new fixtures and furniture to an indoor space must be

done with health in mind. WAB's new Middle School was tested for five gasses commonly tested in new construction in four different parts of the building, including high-use common areas and classrooms. Results showed that levels of these gasses were well below the maximum standards, ensuring a safe and healthy indoor environment. PM2.5 levels remained in line with the rest of the WAB campus, offering the best possible air quality in Beijing.

All of the materials used in the project were non-toxic, and 24/7 supervision guaranteed their proper application.

Committee members and project managers considered every idea and method when determining how to create an optimal learning environment. Furniture, new lighting, classroom rearrangements and increased natural light contribute to making spaces ideal for school activities.

Thank you again to the parent groups who gave their valuable time, energy and care in making this project a reality for the WAB community. Thank you also for continuously partnering with us to improve health and safety for all who use our campus.