Professionals Offer Advice to Students at Career Fair

Professionals from diverse industry backgrounds visited Western Academy of Beijing to speak to High School students at the annual Career Fair.

Hosted by WAB's Parent Link and High School Counseling Office, students in Grades 10 and 11 spend the afternoon speaking to people with career experience in the arts, diplomacy, business, media, healthcare, hospitality, charity, engineering and more. It gives our students a chance to explore different avenues and ideas for their future education and eventual careers.

Here is some of the advice and insight offered:

I try to choose my path based on who I am and what I'm interested in. Along that path you will discover more and learn more, and in that way the path chooses you. – Tobias Demker, Managing Director, Shellman Ltd.

Target what you want to work for based on who you are and what's important to you. You'll work too hard day after day to do something you don't believe in. – Liz O'Neil, Commercial Director China Farms, Fonterra

Find a balance in your life. That will keep you going in medical school and in your career. Have something to turn to – whether it's piano, yoga or whatever. You'll probably find that will benefit your grades now, too. – Sahba Maani, Chief of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Beijing United Family Hopsital

Don't see further education decisions as a one-line trajectory to get to where you want to go. – Wilson Barrie, Account Executive, TrueRun Media

I never thought I would be doing what I do now, so don't give up. Never say, "I would have," or "I could have," or "I should have." Sometimes you just have to go for it. – Rick Garson, founder and CEO of VX Entertainment and former executive producer of the Billboard Music Awards

The path became clear later on, not right away after graduation. – Theo Kidess Head of Legal and Consular Department, German Embassy Beijing

Think about rock climbing. The equipment you take and your success of reaching the summit depends on your experience. Climbers start with a small mountain and then go to the bigger mountains and then to Everest. Invest time into learning the fundamentals. The fast track still involves starting on rung one of the ladder. – Paul Wright, General Manager, Park Hyatt Beijing

It takes passion. Follow your passions. – Mary Kate Brown, Co-Director of Roundabout

There are no shortcuts to the top. Everyone has to pay their dues. It's a matter of how long you pay your dues. – Su Cheng Harris-Simpson, Founder and CEO, SCHSAsia

"Go with your passion": you hear that everywhere. But in medicine, what you're doing is rewarding. Yes, it's a long path, but you really make a difference in the world. – Dr. Jackie Dam Laute, Dental Surgeon, IDC Dental

I think most of us didn't expect to do exactly what we are doing now. It wasn't our undergraduate major. – Julia Broussard, Head of China Office, United Nations Women

Even if you know what you want to do, you'll want to keep your options open. See what comes your way. Don't think about what you can't do. Just go for it. – Silvano Azzopardi, Finance Director, Gentherm Inc.