Safety and Security Updates Coming to WAB

In our continued efforts to improve upon the safeguarding of our community, WAB is proud to announce several updates to our comprehensive security and safety systems.

There are several improvements that you will notice throughout campus in the coming weeks and months, and we will continue to share these plans with you as they are made.

This year, WAB created a new role – Head of Risk Management and Student Services – to reinforce our commitment to campus safety and security. Todd Hutchinson, a long-time WAB teacher, has taken on the role and is spearheading the school-wide efforts.

In the first few weeks of school, the entire WAB campus has come together to practice emergency fire and lock-down drills.

"It's important to have these procedures in place so the students and staff know what to do and where to go in these situations," said Todd said. "We want everyone on campus to be able to learn in a safe and secure environment."

Next week, we will be implementing a new system to identify visitors. Members of the WAB community who have forgotten to bring their WAB ID badges will be given a white sticker when entering campus. All other visitors will be given an orange sticker, which states that this person is not an identified member of the WAB community. These visitors must have a host while on campus and while interacting with children.

In October we will be working with Clear Path Security Consultants, which will form the basis for a multi-year improvement plan.

Regular security updates will be communicated as we initiate changes throughout this year and next. Thank you for your cooperation and efforts in keeping WAB safe!