Students Explore Pathways at Career Fair

It was almost as if students got to have a look at their futures.

More than 45 professionals came to the Western Academy of Beijing campus on Tuesday to share their work and life experiences as part of the annual Career Fair.

"We want students to be informed and confident as they leave high school and start the rest of their lives," said HS Counselor Michelle Chow-Liu. "The Career Fair brings so many people from diverse professional backgrounds, so students have the chance to explore all of their interests during one exciting day of school. The better a student knows what they are or are not interested in, the better support we can offer as they begin to approach graduation."

High School students signed up for panel discussions and had the chance to ask questions to experts in a variety of industries, including performing arts, engineering, medicine, media, hospitality, entrepreneurship and so many more.

It's a personal and direct way for students to seek guidance as they continue their studies and start a career path.

"Students can ask questions about how someone got interested in that [industry] or their education preparation -- the good things, the bad things about those different career fields," said Joseph Harm, Head of Security at the US Embassy in China, who was a panelist at Career Fair. "It's a wonderful opportunity for students to hear from professionals other than their teachers from all these different areas and industries."

Students heading off to university can often feel overwhelmed with the pressure of choosing a major and going down a specific path. While the Career Fair is a great chance to ask questions about industries of interest, students also use the day to find out what pathways they may not like.

"I think WAB's Career Fair is good because you gain a lot of knowledge that you wouldn't otherwise acquire, learn things that you wouldn't otherwise have thought of," said Grade 11 student Cameron. "It helps out in choosing universities and getting into the workplace, and gives little strategies to get jobs. I think learning from experience is good."

You can learn more here about how WAB supports its students through unique pathways to graduation.