WAB Charity Concert Raises Money to Fight Childhood Leukemia

Western Academy of Beijing students hosted a concert at one of Beijing's most iconic theaters on Saturday, raising money to fight cancer.

The New Sunshine Group at WAB, a student-run organization focused on helping young people with leukemia, raised RMB2.5 million at the Beijing Polytechnic Theater. Alongside the Middle School students were famous cellist Zhu Yi Bing, conductor Yu Long, pianist Li Yun Di, and the Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra.

"The effort of these students exemplifies our school's mission to connect, inspire, challenge, and make a difference,"said Middle School Assistant Principal Huiman Cheng. "From an early age, our students are eager to be involved in community service and become responsible contributing citizens of the world. I am proud of the work our students have done to help those in need and hope they also inspire more young children to make a difference in the world."

You can read more about New Sunshine Group at WAB's projects and program on our News page.