WAB Environmental Education Grant now Open for Applications

Members of the WAB community are invited to apply for a grant to fund a project aimed at protecting the environment through awareness and/or action.

Proposals can be submitted for a project, implementation of an activity, acquisition of resources for environmental education, or participation in environmental education projects.

Applications are welcomed from WAB staff, students, and groups.

The WAB Environmental Education Grant was established under the Yazihu Environmental Protection Special Fund Donation Agreement established on May 31, 2017. The grant's purpose is to protect the environment through a project to fund experimental education, carry out environmental education and involve students from all walks of life, community residents, and other social organizations to promote environmental protection and development.

Applicants should prepare answers to questions about the environmental issue intended to be addressed, specific goals, the project's significance and impact, as well as learning outcomes, procedures, costs, and challenges.

You can access the application form right here.