WAB Fundraiser Helps 20 Girls Attend School

Thank you to every corner of the Western Academy of Beijing community for your support in the annual Small Change Appeal fundraiser.

The school-wide initiative takes place every spring to raise money for Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC), a non-profit organization that provides tuition funds for young girls in rural China.

Student groups, individual WAB classrooms, WAB families and teachers put in extra efforts this year, bringing our total amount raised to nearly 94,000 RMB. Collection jars will remain at the Elementary School Reception, as we continue to try to reach 100,000 RMB to pay for 20 girls to attend school.

A group of students called United Bands held several concerts to raise money for this year's Small Change Appeal. Concerts at neighborhood restaurants, WAB's Charity Bazaar and other venues helped them raise 5,052.5 RMB.

Despite the annual fundraiser coming to an end, you can still contribute! Keep an eye out for their future performances, as well as for jars in the Elementary School, where we will continue to collect small change to make a big difference in the lives of these young women.

Thank you for your support! Read on to learn about how WAB makes a difference in its local and global communities.