WAB IB Scores Soar Above World Average

As Western Academy of Beijing's 2017 graduates continue their studies at top universities around the globe, we're sending them congratulations once again for their accomplishments!

WAB students continued the school's tradition of excellence in academics, earning an average score of 34 points, four points above the world average.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) philosophy stresses the development of well-rounded students, and WAB's graduates are a shining example; they scored well above the global average in all of the IB subject areas, including math, sciences, languages, arts and humanities.

"WAB is a fully inclusive school that empowers each student to be unique and successful on a variety of levels," WAB IB Diploma Programme (DP) Coordinator Scott Lindner said. "The breadth of student learning in all areas of the IB Diploma is celebrated at WAB, and that is a testament to the students, teachers and entire WAB community. We are proud of our students' IB scores, and are equally as proud of the way our students actively engage in the local and global communities through different service projects, activities and groups."

Alongside our students' success on the IB exams, WAB also provides unparalleled counseling and mentorship to help students identify their strengths, passions and interests. The result is that students are able to find specialized programs at leading universities.

"WAB's pursuit of true diversity and inclusion, as well as the development of each and every student, means that our Diploma Programme is open to all," said High School Principal Melanie Vrba. "We are proud of our students for what they accomplished this year. The variety in their areas of study and impressive rate in which students are attending their first-choice universities speaks to the thoughtfulness and dedication of these students and their teachers."

Visit this page to see a complete list of the Class of 2017's university acceptances, which include University of Cambridge, Brown University, Tsinghua University, University of Melbourne and more.