WAB Middle School Students Excel in Math on World Stage

Western Academy of Beijing Middle School students are making a statement in the international world of mathematics.

Grade 7 and 8 students have shown a passion for advancing their mathematics skills and competencies at all levels, with more than 60 Grade 7 and 8 students taking part in mathematics competitions or After-School Activities in the 2016-17 school year. Their efforts have shown on the global scale, with top rankings and scores in worldwide contests and exams.

"Just like with writers and artists and musicians, WAB students are empowered to demonstrate what they love and can do well," Trish McNair, the Middle School Curriculum Coordinator, said. "WAB's math curriculum is adaptable enough to serve the most talented boys and girls, as well as the most challenged. Our students' success on the global scale is a result of this flexibility and encouragement."

Over the course of the year, students have competed in four competitions: ACAMIS Math Olympiad, Caribou Math Competition, Purple Comet! Math Meet and the Gauss Mathematics Contest. Teams of students and individuals have made impressive accomplishments in all four, and we are excited to celebrate their achievements.

ACAMIS Math Olympiad

  • WAB Team of Showon Lee, Jongwoo Shin, Imme Koolenbrander and Lulu Shih won Team Gold
  • Jongwoo Shin won 1st individual overall
  • Flora Huang and Dayeong Yang tied for 4th in Grade 7

Caribou Math Competition: Six tests written over the duration of the school year, top 5 results count for the final score. 11,614 Grade 7 and 8 students competed worldwide

  • Jongwoo Shin finished 9th overall in the world, and placed 2nd in the world on an individual test
  • Lulu Shih placed 76th overall in the world, and finished 14th in the world on an individual test
  • Out of 852 students in China, WAB students took seven of the top 10 finishers.
  • Nine WAB students finished in the top 90 percent worldwide

Purple Comet! Math Meet: Held annually since 2003, this is an international team mathematics competition conducted online. WAB entered six teams with a total of 27 students.

  • Worldwide for Middle Schools with 400 students or less: The WAB team of Jongwoo Shin, Showon Lee, Lulu Shih, Alexander Tsao and Jerry Zhou ranked in the 95th percentile
  • In China for Middle Schools with 400 students or less: The WAB team listed above placed first overall, and two WAB teams tied for second place. Those teams included Liam Shi, Seyon Yie, Imme Koolenbrander, VV Chua, Kazuki Li, Winnie Teng, Runrun Ung, Catherine Di, Tiffany Fu, Anna Chen and Harryn Lee.

Gauss Mathematics Contest: Hosted by the University of Waterloo in Canada, this is a worldwide competition testing students' problem-solving skills on questions of increasing complexity. Below are the WAB school results.

  • Grade 7: 1st – Jerry Zhou, 2nd – Dayeon Yang, 3rd – Hsiao Tung Chu
  • Grade 8: 1st – Jongwoo Shin (perfect score), 2nd – Lulu Shih, 3rd – Hugh Shepard

A special congratulations to Max Park and Dayeon Yang, who completed all six Caribou exams and participated in all of the competitions this year.

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