WAB Students Train Future Broadcasters in Shanghai

The 2017 Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) boys' soccer championships was a special tournament.

That's not just because it was a Super APAC, in which all 12 international schools attend to compete once every four years. And it wasn't just because the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) Tigers were fighting for their sixth straight APAC title.

It was the activities taking place off the sports field that made it a truly unique weekend for WAB and tournament host, Shanghai American School (SAS).

Since the first broadcast in 2010, thousands of people around the globe have tuned into WAB's Tiger Sports and Entertainment Network (TSEN), the school's student-run live streaming channel. But this year the students traveled to SAS, the tournament's host campus, to not only cover the tournament live, but also to introduce the techniques, strategies and skills to SAS students.

"WAB's live stream service is legendary in APAC," Steve Doleman, SAS Activities Director, said. "The collaboration between the experienced WAB streamers and their novice SAS counterparts was the thing that stood out for me. WAB should be proud of the legacy that their steamers have generated over the years."

The service the student broadcasters provide is enjoyed by families and friends of the student athletes and former APAC competitors around the world, but the TSEN club also offers valuable experience for the students – for some, even an introduction to their future subjects of study or career.

"The TSEN program has contributed very highly to my conditional acceptance to the film production program at the Arts University of Bournemouth," TSEN broadcaster and Grade 12 student Jacob Booth said. "No matter how different the location or environment may be, the intuitive skills are always the same, and that's probably why TSEN is such an important part of my WAB journey."

Like it did for Jacob and WAB Alumni William Lennie, now studying broadcasting at UCFB Wembley, the student broadcasting group offered a unique opportunity for Grade 12 student and TSEN director Daniel Shih: a chance to explore his passions and turn them into a potential career.

"The best thing about TSEN is that we get to operate professional hardware and software that very few other high school students have the opportunity to operate, especially in the APAC community," Daniel said. "Without the help of TSEN, I would not have the opportunity to train and explore the field of broadcasting."

Special thanks to the TSEN broadcasting crew that traveled to Shanghai for the APAC event: Jacob Booth, Daniel Shih, Jasper deZwaan, Jonathan Huang and Benton Walston. It was an incredible experience for all involved.

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