WAB Teachers Explore, Rediscover Best Practices

Western Academy of Beijing invited Cathryn Berger Kaye, an international educator and consultant, to work with faculty, parents and students in an inspiring week of teaching and learning.

Cathryn is an expert in mentoring strategies and skills, application of service learning, and connecting with a school community to maximize the school experience.

Working with faculty, she stressed the importance of a teacher's role as a Chief Engagement Officer, a relevant play on the title of CEO, normally seen in the corporate world. Cathryn modeled best teaching and learning practices through activities and guided teachers on an exploration to discover concepts, including:

  • How to inspire and lift up learners so each has access to explore their inner and outer lives with confidence and competence
  • How to discover knowledge and skills that resonate with who students are and who they will become
  • How to experience situations and opportunities to connect with students' emotions and sense of self, that clarify their dispositions and move them forward as flexible, open-minded, creative, thoughtful participants to shape a robust and just society

Cathryn's visit also was a chance for the members of WAB's Future of Learning Steering Committee to clarify and confirm their purpose to implementing the school community's 5-year goal to maximize learning for each individual student. You can read more about the Future of Learning at WAB, also known as FLoW21, on the FLoW21 blog.