Students Continue Work to Fight Childhood Leukemia

A group of Middle and High School students has once again made contributions to people in need through a service club they started at WAB.

Four members of the New Sunshine group traveled to Xi’ning, Qinghai, to visit young children battling leukemia and take part in a ceremony where funds were allocated to help their families cover the costs of treatment.

The group’s work over the past few years involved several visits and a charity concert, from which proceeds were donated to the New Sunshine Foundation, one of China’s most transparent and well-known organizations. The founder of New Sunshine, Liu Zhengzhen, is a leukemia survivor himself and has advocated for more inclusive and affordable medical care.

The WAB students also met personally with Mr. Liu and had an inspiring conversation about how they can continue to make a positive impact for children and families fighting the disease, including the possibility of helping more children in China and creating an official partnership with the hospital.

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