WAB Deepens Commitment to Child Safety & Well-being

WAB is taking on new initiatives to deepen our commitment to child safety and well-being. 

The world is continuously changing, as are the ways in which people connect and interact. WAB recognizes the need for our school to adapt the way we offer support to our students, so we can empower them to stay safe and healthy and protect themselves. 

One way we have done that is by adapting the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum. As part of our teacher planning weeks before the start of the school year, all WAB teachers were trained to deliver the curriculum, which is designed to promote student safety and well-being. 

In terms of safety, students will learn how to build safe and healthy relationships, know what is right and wrong, and seek help from trusted adults, among other topics. The other element of the program is focused on social-emotion learning (SEL), helping students develop and apply knowledge and skills essential to live a healthy life, set and achieve goals, manage emotions, make important decisions, and show empathy. 

The curriculum is continuous and is adjusted to be age-appropriate at each grade level. For example, in the Self Awareness Unit, Grade 6 students will spend two weeks discussing feelings and emotions; Grade 7s will review the topic, and by Grade 8 they progress from emotions to discussing values. 

The Keeping Safe curriculum is an evidence-based, best-practice curriculum developed collaboratively with child-protection experts, teachers, educational leaders, and other professionals based on international child safety standards.  

WAB’s Whole School Counseling team is preparing a series of workshops to offer parents, which will be designed as interactive sessions to help parents understand and support the topics covered as part of the curriculum. 

For more information, please visit Keeping Safe website and keep an eye out for these upcoming events in WAB Weekly.