WAB Student Wins National Debate Championship

Grade 12 student Zimu Z. is a national debate champion.

After winning the Under-16 division of the Asia Pacific World Schools Debating Championship last year, Zimu was inspired to compete against 36 teams this summer in the National Speech and Debate Association’s World Schools Debate national championship. His team went undefeated, winning all nine rounds to capture the national title.

Zimu began debating in Grade 7. He joined and has excelled as a member of WAB’s World Scholars Cup team. In Grade 9, he began co-lead WSC team and coaches the team and debate club each week.

“I really enjoy debate because it’s all about logic and finding the loopholes in your opponent’s arguments,” Zimu said. “Winning a debate with your teammates is just super satisfying because the win is a result of collaboration and hard work and very little luck.”

Students: Join Zimu and the WAB Debate Club on Fridays at lunch time in High School Room 7127.