Outdoor Education

WAB outdoor education

WAB Wild, our outdoor education department at the Western Academy of Beijing, has run more than 20 outdoor expeditions and day trips each year for over a decade.

Taking learning outside the classroom and into nature, WAB Wild has a strong environmental focus incorporated into all its programs.

In the wild, we challenge students to challenge themselves, and think and reflect on how they interact with the environment, heightening awareness of the global issues facing our planet. Our team structures programs unique to each grade level, gradually increasing in difficulty and steadily building independence. The goal is to meaningfully engage students, and to foster a love of nature and respect for our interconnectedness.

WAB… where dreams and visions become reality through true collaboration and teamwork.

Donna Connolly, WAB Alumni Staff

Students have opportunities to learn and experience:

  • Multi-day expeditions into the wild over land and water
  • Interdisciplinary experiential classrooms, including Science and Geography
  • Navigation
  • Radio communication
  • Survival skills
  • Abseiling
  • Rock climbing
  • Kayaking and canoeing
  • Rescue training
  • And much more

The following opportunities are available specifically to each of our school sections:

Elementary School

Grade 5 Transition Camp: Helping students to ‘Step Up & Out’ and make the transition from Elementary School to Middle School as smooth and engaging as possible.

This team-orientated camp has programmed challenges targeted to help students gain a better understanding of how to strike a balance between nature and themselves.

Middle School

3-year Outdoor Education: For Grades 6-8 as part of the MYP PHE curriculum.

High School

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award: Fulfilling two key components of the award in our High School.

Miao Liang Environmental Education Center

Nestled among the majestic Mi Yun Mountains on the banks of the beautiful Bai He River, WAB’s Miao Liang Environmental Education Center is the perfect base of operations for a variety of activities and programs for a diverse range of user groups.

WAB students from Grade 6-12 make use of Miao Liang for curricular and extracurricular programs including environmental science, geography and also for study and team building retreats.

Living at Miao Liang, students embrace the environmentally sustainable lifestyle that this center offers, and reflect on the current and future technologies as we address the global issues faced by our planet. The Center features environmental technologies including solar PV system for electricity, solar hot water, dry composting toilets, as well as biodigestor and ecological grey water systems.

WABX: Athletics & Activities

WABX, athletics, activities, WAB

Unlocking potential with a co-curricular program that provides extensive enrichment activities for students throughout the year.

Green Initiatives

Green initiatives, WAB

Saving our planet. Learning to respect our environment.

Making a Difference

Outside the Classroom, WAB

Global citizens with a responsibility towards the world around us.


Community, WAB

WAB doesn't just involve the community. We ARE a community!

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