FLoW21 Explained: Target 1

This is the first in a series of posts that will explain the Future of Learning at WAB through its 21 Targets.

Target 1: WAB's culture is learning-focused.

This target will impact each member of the WAB community:

Students will understand their strengths as leaners and develop new skills to support their learning.
Faculty will use research to build on current expertise in how we learn, and craft tailored instruction to maximize each student's learning experience.
Parents will better understand their child(ren) as learners and have the tools to support their learning.

With our focus on keeping students at the center of learning, WAB has always been an innovator of education. Research shows that replacing conventional school structures – like grouping students by age and operating on a fixed schedule – enhances learning.

It's time to evolve and begin using time, space and student grouping to the advantage of our learners. FLoW21 committees — made up of teachers, students, parents, and board members — are developing models to improve teaching and learning: creating new ways of grouping learners, individualizing timetables, designing flexible learning spaces, and beyond.

These adaptations reinforce WAB's commitment to a culture of learning.

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