FLoW21 Explained: Target 2

Target 2: WAB develops self-directed learners.

Self-directed learning (SDL) means:

  • choosing paths and pace within a curriculum
  • developing independent learning skills
  • learning time and resource management
  • having guided ownership of their learning
  • working with mentors to improve learning strategies
  • connecting areas of personal interest to core learning
  • mentoring to guide autonomous learning
  • providing tools and structures to support independent learning
  • assessing progress against learner-appropriate expectations
  • working with smaller groups and individual learners
  • modifying curriculum based on each student's specific needs
  • modifying practices – tech, etc

  • developing tools to support their child(ren) as independent learners
  • actively contributing to their child's learning journey
  • having opportunities to mentor students and share expertise

Self-directed learning does not mean:

  • replacing classes with free time
  • reducing teacher support for students
  • removing curriculum requirements or assessments

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