Target 12 Explained: Individualized Schedules & Timetables

This post is part of the FLoW21 Explained series, which is designed to help parents and the global community understand each of the FLoW21 Targets as well as the motivations behind them.

Target 12 talks about the implementation of individualized schedules, but what does that mean?

We know that learning needs are unique to individuals. The simple way to explain individualized timetables is that students should have flexibility to work with their teachers to create a learning schedule that fits their individual needs.

If a student needs more or less time to be successful in a certain subject, he or she should be able adjust how they spend their time to achieve that success.

If you're interested in learning more about the idea that every learner has a unique set of needs, you may want to consider reading Todd Rose's book, The End of Average.

Traditional school scheduling determines learning times, however it should be the opposite. Learning needs should determine a student's schedule.

A fixed standard schedule for a large group of students and teachers makes it impossible to meet the needs of every single student.

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