Target 13 Explained: Individualized Teaching & Instruction

This post is part of our FLoW21 Targets Explained series that is designed to help explain the concepts that motivate and move forward the Future of Learning at WAB.

Target 13: Individualized Instruction & Teaching

Similar to Target 12 (Individualized Schedules & Timetables), the heart of Target 13 is that different learners need different types of instruction.

An individual learner's needs and understandings should determine the approaches and methods to teaching that learner.

That means the teaching approach may change depending on a student's strengths, weaknesses, stage of development, subject of study, schedule, or a wide variety of other factors. Target 13 acknowledges these differences and creates the flexibility on an individual basis to offer a diverse range of teaching and instructional methods.

What do we mean when we say a variety of approaches to teaching? Some students prefer to listen; some prefer to read; others prefer to watch; others prefer to learn hands-on. And like we mentioned earlier, these may differ even for individual students depending on a wide range of factors.

Target 13 is designed to break away from the traditional model of putting one teacher at the front of a classroom of 20 kids.

We want to help students identify the best way for them to learn, as well as be prepared to offer individualized learning opportunities to maximize their school experience.

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