Target 16 Explained: Continuous personalized feedback and reporting

This post is part of a series designed to help parents, teachers, students, and the global community understand the Targets associated with WAB's journey to achieve the Future of Learning.

Providing students with immediate, continuous, holistic, and personalized feedback helps students maximize their learning potential.

This is in contrast to a more traditional model of a biannual report card, which contains a grade.

It all starts at the beginning, when a student first enters the school. An initial assessment helps teachers, parents, counselors, and mentors understand each individual student's needs and interests – academically, socially, behaviorally, linguistically, and beyond. It is a complete profile of the learner.

Teachers, mentors, and counselors are continuously reporting on each student's academic progress, soft-skill development (such as collaboration and communication), and social and behavioral trends. These reports will be securely online, where parents and students can continuously track their approaches to learning and achievements.

Students who can continuously track their goals will have increased awareness of who they are as learners and what they need to succeed. Continuous reporting is not just about giving a student a grade for demonstrating knowledge, but instead it provides an in-depth review of how students are using their knowledge.

As WAB continues to expand the relationship between students and mentors, continuous reporting serves as an important tool for offering personalized guidance and support for learners.

This target also includes the practice of continuous and immediate feedback, which is different than "reporting" as we've discussed so far. To understand this, consider a basketball practice where a coach stops a player in the middle of a drill or skill to explain right away how the player can improve. Immediate feedback ensures students are learning and progressing on the right track.

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