Target 17 Explained: Collaborative Teacher Planning

This post is part of a series designed to help parents, teachers, students, and the global community understand the Targets associated with WAB's journey to achieve the Future of Learning.

Target 17: Collaborative Teacher Planning

The conventional model of education expects individual teachers to make decisions regarding best practice, strategically plan, and assess students on their own.

The aim of Target 17 is to ensure our professionals – including teachers, counselors, mentors, and other members of faculty – work collaboratively to improve student success. Best professional practice calls on us to work together to plan curriculum, assessments, and next instructional pathways for learners.

Target 17 connects to and compliments and supports several other Targets, such as Target 9: multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach. For example, business, design and physics teachers may design a learning experience where all the individual subject's skills and knowledge are combined in a single project. This is in contrast to a traditional schooling model, which separates subject knowledge and skills into distinct classes.

This is an existing expectation at WAB, and our goal is to find more time, space, and opportunity for teachers to collaborate.

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