Target 19 Explained: Team Teaching

Target 19: Team teaching

A teacher working in isolation limits learners' potential. It is nearly impossible for a single teacher to offer the differentiation needed in the classroom to meet the learning needs of every individual student.

Teams of teachers can work together to generate better ideas for lessons, adopt different approaches, consider diverse perspectives, explore new experiences, collaborate on student assessment, as well as learn from and apply the expertise of their colleagues.

Students' learning experiences improve when teachers work together.

More specifically, team teaching enhances the benefits students will gain from the other FLoW21 Targets, including teaching across subject areas (Target 9) and diversifying learning groups (Target 14).

Target 19 is another way WAB will move away from the conventional model of an individual teacher leading a single group of students (Targets 17 & 18) and enhance teachers' ability to work together for the benefit of the learner.

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