Admissions Guidelines

WAB seeks to offer educational opportunities to all eligible students who identify with our school’s core values, and to maintain a co-educational school with a diverse student population representing a range of nationalities, languages, economic and cultural background and abilities.

    Passport and Visa

    In accordance with relevant regulations and policies of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Beijing Municipal Education Commission (BMEC), WAB can only enroll students who qualify with ONE of the following requirements.

    Foreign Passport Holders (Excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)

    1. At least one parent holds a valid foreign passport and a working residence permit issued by Administration of Exit and Entry of Beijing Public Security Bureau, and the student holds a valid foreign passport with a private business (purpose) residence permit issued by the Administration of Exit and Entry of Beijing Public Security Bureau.


    2. At least one parent and the student hold diplomatic passports, as well as the diplomatic residence permit issued by the Protocol Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Republic of China.


    3. At least one parent and the student hold a valid foreign passport with a Foreigner’s Permanent Residence card of PRC (official approval from BMEC is required).


    4. At least one parent and the student hold a valid foreign passport with a reunion residence permit issued by Administration of Exit and Entry of Beijing Public Security Bureau (official approval from BMEC is required).

    Hong Kong and Macau Residents

    5. At least one parent and the student hold the following three identification documents:

    a) Hong Kong or Macau permanent ID card

    b) Passport from Hong Kong or Macau Special Administrative Region

    c) Hong Kong or Macau resident pass to the mainland (Gang Ao Tong Xing Zheng)

    Taiwan Residents

    6. At least one parent and the student hold the following two identification documents:

    a) (China) Taiwan passport

    b) Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents

    Chinese Passport Holders with Foreign Permanent Resident Permit (Green Card)

    7. Both parents and student hold a valid documentation, and proof of living abroad for more than one year with relevant residence and learning certificates; (final approval from BMEC is required)

    WAB reserves the right to final interpretation of the above provisions. A Chinese translation is provided in PDF format.

    Any further questions, please contact School Legal Affairs Office at:

    Head of School Legal Affairs Office: Mr. Zhang Rui (5986 5588 ext. 1202)

    Government Affairs Officer: Ms. Serafina Tong (5986 5588 ext. 1215)

    Application Review Process

    Each application is thoroughly evaluated by the Admissions Committee, which comprise of Admissions Team Members, School Principals, Counselors, Learning and Language Support Teachers. Once the application has been reviewed, the Admissions representative will contact the applicant’s family to notify them of the Admissions Committee’s decision.

    The Admissions Committee grants some priority to returning applicants (Alumni) and siblings of enrolled students.

    The school year consists of 2 semesters. The first semester commences in mid-August and the second semester in mid-January. For students applying to start on the new school year in mid-August, a limited number of available spaces are offered as early as February, with the bulk of the offers made from April to June. However, we continue to offer places as they become available right up to the start of the school year.

    For students applying for the January semester, we start to offer places as soon as our families notify us that they are leaving mid-year. This can occur anytime between September and January.

    We understand that families may relocate to Beijing throughout the school year and so, depending on space availability, we do admit students mid-semester. However, in order to facilitate time table scheduling and course availability, we do recommend that High School students enroll either at the beginning of the school year or at the beginning of the second semester in January.

    If we are unable to offer spaces at the desired start date, we encourage parents to keep in touch with the Admissions Office if they wish to re-apply for either the following semester or next school year.


    Class placement is based on the student's educational background and their age on October 31. In exceptional cases, and only with the approval of the Director, a student may be placed in a different grade. Any initial placement is tentative, and the school may either advise a change of grade level or class after the student’s abilities have been assessed or, in certain circumstances, may withdraw the placement.

    Class Size

    Early Years have a target class size of 14 students. Kindergarten through Grade 12 have a target class size of 22 students.

    Support Services

    We believe students learn best in a caring and inclusive environment. We strive to help every student reach their full potential, and use a collaborative approach to address the developmental and readiness levels of students. With this in mind, the Admissions department works closely with the Support Services team in evaluating applications of students who may require these services, to ensure WAB can meet the academic, social and emotional needs of all students.

    English Language Support

    Applicants to Grade 1 and above for whom English is not the primary language at home will be assessed to determine whether or not they should be enrolled in the English as an Additional Language (EAL) and/or English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programs. This assessment may take the form of a file review, a review of a writing sample, or an on-site written and oral assessment.

    No class in Grade 1 or above may have more than 25% of children in the EAL/EAP program. This ratio does not apply to the Early Years and Kindergarten classes.

    Learning Support Program

    Students are eligible for admission if it is believed that WAB can meet their emotional, social, physical and academic needs. At each grade level, WAB can offer enrollment to a limited number of students with mild learning difficulties who will require the assistance of our Learning Support Center.

    WAB does not have separate classes for children with learning difficulties. Therefore, a primary consideration in offering enrollment will be the student’s ability to access the regular curriculum with limited support. WAB is also able to accept some students with minor physical disabilities.

    In accordance with the general admissions policy, the school reserves the right (in consultation with the parents) to conduct all necessary assessments and obtain copies of all previous reports and records. We will offer a provisional place only to those students who we believe can benefit from the educational program we provide.

    Enrichment Support Program

    WAB believes that while all our students have strengths that must be valued and promoted, there are students whose educational needs are different from their age peers due to the nature of their gifts. WAB curriculum provides a flexible range of options to assist gifted students to maximize their potential.

    Learn more about WAB’s student Support Services.