Tuition & Fees

An investment in a culturally diverse, international education is an investment in your child’s future.

As a WAB student, your child will have access to individuals, ideas and experiences that are not typical of a traditional school environment.


Tuition Fees for 2019/2020

Grade Basic Tuition Fee Tuition Fees   Total
    1st semester
(Aug 14, 2019 - Jan 20, 2020
2nd semester
(Jan 21, 2020 - June 12, 2020)
Early Years (3 years old, half day) 30,000 46,350 46,350 122,700
Early Years (3/4 years old, full day) 30,000 88,200 88,200 206,400
Kindergarten - Grade 1 30,000 107,750 107,750 245,500
Grade 2 - 5 30,000 116,650 116,650 263,300
Grade 6 - 8 30,000 124,600 124,600 279,200
Grade 9 - 10 30,000 138,700 138,700 307,400
Grade 11 - 12 30,000 142,700 142,700 315,400

Fees above are listed in RMB (Chinese Yuan). Fees may be paid in RMB or other currencies. See Payment Methods, Terms and Conditions below for details.

Families applying to WAB are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of 2,100 RMB per applicant.

A tuition deposit of 30,000 RMB (which is equivalent to the basic tuition fee) is non-refundable. For returning WAB parents the fee is due on or before April 12. For new WAB parents, this fee is due within 10 days of the invoice being received.

Tuition fees are inclusive of transportation, most after-school activities offered by the school, all required textbooks and school supplies. Students must purchase their own laptops and calculators. Mother Tongue Programs and individual instrument lessons are not included.


Additional Information


WAB provides transport for students to and from school, using modern, safe and comfortable buses and mini-buses. Our school buses are equipped with advanced air purification systems for our students, ensuring a healthy ride.

Bus routes service families in most of the areas of Beijing where expatriate families reside. A bus service is provided where there is a minimum of 3 students for one given stop.

The school provides transportation to all school-sponsored field trips and the service also extends to students involved in most after-school activities.


Lunch and snacks are not included in the school tuition. Students have the option of bringing their own food from home, or purchasing lunch and snacks at school using their SmartCard. Lunch costs range from 30 to 45 RMB.

WAB Food Services are managed by Chartwells, an international company highly regarded amongst its industry peers. WAB Food Services provide a wide range of international food options from various outlets within the school.