WAB has developed an outstanding reputation in the international community as one of Asia’s top schools.

We provide an exciting and vibrant work environment for experienced and dedicated staff who have a high level of commitment, energy, and stamina.

Staff Voices

Hear why our dedicated staff love working at WAB.

I love watching the students develop as people - particularly the students who come to WAB with a few rough edges or a chip on the shoulder. The environment here is so positive and accepting that anyone and everyone somehow gets caught up in the general goodwill and comes out of their time at WAB more whole and healthy.

Brent Abrahams, Vice High School Principal


I enjoy working at WAB because I can see in our students' eyes their love for learning.

Camille Sebban, Middle School French/Spanish Teacher


WAB represents over a quarter of my life! It's a great environment!

Andy Cole, Middle School Design Technology Teacher


WAB will assist all new faculty and other staff members in receiving appropriate employment and residence permits, including multiple entry visas to China. We are officially qualified to hire foreign experts by the Beijing Foreign Expert Bureau.

Requirements according to Chinese labor regulations:

  • At least a Bachelor's degree
  • Minimum of 2 years working experience
  • Not above 60 years of of age

Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, WAB holds itself to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.

We request a clearance of criminal records and successful background check for all staff working with our students. Please be prepared to submit such documents from your country of origin and the country of your current residence, if different.

WAB employment


Substitute teachers are engaged on an as-needed basis to cover the duties of WAB teachers. They are not permanently employed and are required as and when necessary, e.g. when a teacher is sick or is required to attend a meeting/training. Substitute teachers with prior teaching experience and teaching qualifications are preferred, and only applicants who hold a valid Chinese residence permit (Z) as a working spouse's dependent can be considered. View substitute job openings and submit your teaching CV here.


Due to the prevalence of job scams on the Internet, we advise applicants to beware sending personal information regarding your application to anybody outside of our school. WAB will never ask applicants to send us money, for any reason. All our vacant jobs will be advertised on wab.careers.eteach.com.

If you find a listing for an opening at WAB other than on this website, please contact the WAB Human Resources at hr@wab.edu.

11 Reasons to Work at WAB

  1. WAB is a global leader, providing innovative learning experiences supported by FLoW21.

  2. WAB students are passionate, inspiring and excited to learn every day.

  3. Our community is a diverse family of more than 50 nationalities.

  4. WAB actively promotes its founding principles to “Connect, Inspire, Challenge: Make a Difference.”

  5. WAB invests in staff, offering a competitive package which reflects its status as a world-class school.

  6. Our renowned orientation program ensures a warm welcome and smooth transition to WAB and China.

  7. WAB staff regularly host, lead and attend international education conferences.

  8. WAB offers staff unique programs to explore Chinese culture and language.

  9. Opportunities abound for staff to take part in events, activities and trips beyond the classroom walls.

  10. WAB staff are empowered by associations dedicated to supporting colleagues.

  11. …and our colorful, dynamic campus is a daily reminder that there’s no place like WAB.