The Future of Learning

FLoW21 is a community-wide, 5-year journey to transform the school experience to maximize learning for each individual student. Like no other school, WAB will know your child and customize the learning experience to best prepare him or her for a rapidly changing future.

Dr. John D'Arcy, Deputy Director

WAB is constantly striving to improve the high quality education we provide.

After meeting with students, teachers and parents, we filtered down thousands of data points into 21 key objectives and understandings that will guide us into our school’s future of learning by 2021 and beyond. At the heart of FLoW21 is the belief that learners need to be at the center of their education to get the best learning gains. We want to teach them not only how to be life-long learners, but disciplined minds.

It is our goal to enable our exceptional teachers by breaking down some of the traditional structures they are working in and putting new ones in place. This flexible, innovative approach opens the classroom to the real world and will encourage and guide truly student-centered learning – all while affirming WAB’s founding principles and core values.

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FLoW21 will explore:

  • An even stronger culture of learning
  • Co-constructed and personally relevant curriculum
  • Self-directed learning
  • Real-world, practical engagement
  • Inquiry-driven learning
  • Individualized schedules and time
  • Flexible, diverse, variable spaces and learner groups
  • Individualized instruction and teaching
  • Collegial coaching and mentoring
  • Team teaching
  • Adaptive support network for all learners

We believe the most significant learning gains are achieved when:

  • Learners are engaged in creative thinking and actions built on strong foundations of skills, knowledge, and understanding
  • Learners and teachers are afforded time and space to develop and maintain personally relevant and meaningful relationships
  • Learners and teachers are engaged in important and purposeful work that inspires, connects, challenges and is intended to make a difference
  • Learners take responsibility for and ownership of their learning
  • Teachers are both content experts and master educators

FLoW21 Voices

What does our diverse community think about FLoW21?

As a parent I feel I’ve made the right choice to have my daughter grow up in a community of learning that consciously and constantly improves itself.

Kathy Ferrer, WAB Parent

Through FLoW21, WAB will develop a new culture that truly empowers students and gives them the knowledge and tools they need to create the best future for themselves.

Alinnah Qiao, WAB Student

Every decision we make in FLoW21 is based on research, case studies from other schools, and best practices for learning in the 21st century.

Phil Cowell, WAB Teacher

WAB Flow21 future of learning

Elementary School

Structured inquiry is the main vehicle for learning. Grow. Discover. Experience.

Middle School

Middle School, WAB

Filled with individual and collective potential. Transition. Challenge. Innovate.

High School

High School, WAB

Higher learning within the classroom and outside it. Opportunity. Passion. Achievement.


Discover, WAB

We are more than a school. Discover what makes us WAB.

11 Reasons to Come to WAB

  1. WAB students excel in academics and become life-long learners.
  2. WAB teachers are internationally experienced educators.
  3. Our campus is colorful and dynamic, designed to enhance the WAB learning experience.
  4. WAB supports an extensive extracurricular program for all students to explore their passions.
  5. WAB's warm and supportive community will make your family feel at home.
  6. WAB is an innovative community of learners.
  7. WAB exposes students to new, influential ideas.
  8. Learning extends far beyond the classroom walls.
  9. WAB engages & serves its community both locally and globally.
  10. WAB's connections extend around the world.
  11. … And you know exactly what you're paying for.