Student Support

At the Western Academy of Beijing, we believe students learn best in a caring and inclusive environment. We provide focused, in-class support and targeted instruction to meet diverse student needs.

WAB student support

WAB uses a collaborative approach to co-plan, co-teach and co-assess so that students can learn in an inclusive environment with high expectations and high support.

Support Services

The student is at the heart of our integrated model, and the homeroom teacher is the primary support for students in his or her care. A student's support team will be created according to the needs of the student.

WAB recognizes that the academic, social and emotional needs of these students may be significantly different from their peers. Students, parents and staff are involved in a collaborative process for developing differentiated programs that best support the learning needs of the child as a whole in an inclusive class environment.

Support Plans and Strategies

We offer effective classroom instruction with differentiated instructional strategies, strategic and targeted instruction, and individualized instruction.

Learning Support Centers

The Middle and High School Learning Support Centers affirm the rights of students to develop their maximum potential in a warm and caring educational environment. These centers provide a wide variety of services to enhance and optimize student learning. Our Elementary School provides a comprehensive range of learning support services.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

EAL staff supports English language learners in all areas of language acquisition. It is designed to assist teachers with differentiation of their program in the mainstream classrooms, as well as support EAL students across WAB.

The EAL Department supports non-native English speakers across all grade levels. These students receive help in all areas of language acquisition in order to reach a high level of English language proficiency and achieve full participation in the WAB curriculum.


Enrichment support within the WAB Support Services model, aims to differentiate for students who demonstrate exceptional abilities and/or achievement compared to their age peers, in one or more of the learning areas forming the educational program offered at WAB.

Literacy Support Program (LSP)

LSP is an academic intervention program for students who have specific, identified learning needs. Students in this program have an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Their progress is closely monitored, and their plans are reviewed and updated twice a year. Access to this program has strict criteria. Student enrollment in this program alters from year to year.


Promoting personal well-being, healthy relationships and the successful balance of academic, extracurricular and community.

Elementary School

Structured inquiry is the main vehicle for learning. Grow. Discover. Experience.

Middle School

Middle School, WAB

Filled with individual and collective potential. Transition. Challenge. Innovate.

High School

High School, WAB

Higher learning within the classroom and outside it. Opportunity. Passion. Achievement.

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